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Friday, 29 June 2012

10 steps to achieves academic excellence

  1.  Daily Attendance at School                                                                                                                Please ensure that your child is present in school every day and not be in the habit of missing classes.
  2. Proper Schedule for Study and Revision                                                                                         Please ensure that your child follows a fixed timetable for study and revision.
  3. Discipline                                                                                                                                                 Help your child to discipline himself/herself and not be distracted by TV, telephone, computer games or friends.
  4.  A Conducive Learning Environment                                                                                          Please  provide a conducive environment for your child to do his/her studies without distraction. Let each child have a proper study table, a table lamp and a bookshelf. It is important that the child can study at the same place everyday.
  5. Responsibility At Home                                                                                                               Please reduce the responsibility of your child in helping out at home during the examination period. This is to enable them to have sufficient time for their revision.
  6. Support Of The Family                                                                                                                During the crucial examination period, children need to have the moral support of the family. Be with them, give encouragement and avoid giving them unnecessary stress and worries.
  7. Build Up Their Confidence                                                                                                      Reassure your children that they can do their best if they have confidence in themselves.
  8. Important Of Good Health                                                                                                        Please ensure your child has nutritious meals as well as sufficient sleep. Good health is vital for excellent performance.
  9. Relaxation At Appropriate Times                                                                   Please allow your child time for relaxation and recreation.  
  10. Punctuality And Honesty In Examinations                                                         Please ensure that your child is punctual and ready for the examination. Warn your child not to cheat during the examination.   

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